Terms of use of the holiday apartment

The terms of use are obligatory part of the rental agreement.


Custody and due diligence

The entrance to the house is generally closed and must be completed when leaving the apartment.

The access to the wooden house, the garages and parking spaces are to be kept free.

Disposal of waste, grease, food residue or other objects via toilet or drain is prohibited.

The garbage is to be separated according to the official regulations and disposed of itself.

In case of precipitation, storm or storm, all roof, terrace and apartment windows must be closed immediately. The same applies when you leave the apartment. In particular, the window in the bathroom after showering / bathing is to open briefly and completely to the air. Continuous ventilation is generally prohibited. Wet towels and clothing are not to be dried on the radiator, window sill or any other furniture. Use the leash in the garden.

The storage of toxic or flammable substances is prohibited in the entire apartment and on the entire property.

Damage to supply and waste water pipes, in the roof or storage area, in the heating system, in the inventory etc. must be reported to us immediately.



Only in the courtyard, number 35, to the left of the garages.



The Achimer apartment is a non-smoking apartment! You can smoke on the terrace. The entrance door remains closed.


Save energy

Ventilate daily briefly and thoroughly. Keep all rooms closed. Never change the setting on the radiators or heating system! Our modern heating system regulates everything by itself. Contact us if you are not satisfied!

Be careful when cooking and frying. Example: Boost, reduce, use reheating only for a very short time. Use cooking pots with lid.

Turn off the light when you leave the room or house!


Rest periods

The official rest periods are valid: lunch break from 1 pm – 2 pm, night time from 10 pm to 7 am.


Wood stove

The use of the stove is only allowed under supervision. The glass doors remain closed. We provide wood for free of charge. The heating is carried out using traditional wooden lanterns or newspaper paper and furniture. Everything else is forbidden.

Terrace and balcony

The terrace is to the left of the house entrance. The balcony on the upper floor must not be entered. Please ventilate over the roof windows.


Washing and drying

The machines can be used after consultation. Per filling is charged 5, – €.



The final cleaning is included in the price and takes place at the final departure of the guests.

While staying in our apartment, our guests keep this clean. For this, we provide free cleaning tools and cleaning agents. If our guests wish it, we gladly accept your cleaning intervals for a fee of 15, – € / hour.



The barbecue area is located opposite the house entrance area. The statutory provisions apply.



You will receive a keys upon arrival. The making of a second key is forbidden. If necessary, we will be glad to give you another apartment key.


The handing over of the apartment on the day of departure in accordance with § 546 BGB , means to pass the rooms cleanly. Carpets are to be vacuumed, floors swept. Generally, the coarse soiling must be removed in all the rooms used. In the kitchen, therefore, the fat and food residues must be removed on all surfaces; Areas of use as well as all devices must be cleaned; The crockery and implements must be cleaned and returned. In the bath the impurities must be removed.


When you have done everything, please close the apartment door and hand over the apartment key personally. If you do not find us, throw the key in the silver-colored mailbox on the red entrance.


Your family Erichs wishes you a pleasant journey home